so much work… so many datelines… SO STRESS SIAL

okay. that will be all for my renting. because i know how much my friend in other schools have to suffer CMTs..


but yet there are still many angry people here… (like what Erwin said) #totallytrue

especially when we doing animation… upon seeing those angry people, i feel that my live is being threatened

they are really scary… like one of those serial killer..


#poorpaper and #poortrees

chill guys… chill

the papers did nothing wrong! don’t put your anger on them T^T


together, we make the animation room a better place ;D



okay i didn’t meant to sound so agitated or angry… just SAAAAAAADDD 😦

When I was younger, I used to tell my friends I love listening to mandopop. Well, those whom I called friends judged me ==”

so i stop saying i love manodopop since that incident…

But as mandopop getting more recognition these years, I start to tell people this little secret of mine again~~~~ :)))))  and I found  more friends share the same interest :))))

but seriously, why chinese dont listen to mandopop? #izliddat


#ilovemanopopforever #ilovehashtag

Weekly post 3: Oculus 2…

Movie wasn’t a plan today.

Initially my friend and I were planning to have window shopping and have some girls gossips 8D

I really really really really scared of ghost and creepy stuff, but I like to challenge myself see the level of scrary-ness I can stand, sadistic huh?

I don’t know.

I love horror movies yet I hate it. #izliddat 8DD

Oculas sadly is not as scary as compared to sinister or conjuring. It is just gore. ://////

However, the ghosts were creepy enough to give me clinches. Especially their eyes. They like staring into your souls O.O…

Its not going to be a legit movie review or something, just me complaining… I’m not sorry for that 8DDDDDD

I wish I could create a really scary horror story, and scare the carp out of everyone.

I’m working towards this little dream of my by drawing scary things. BUT ITS DIFFICULT.

Because I have been drawing cute anime girls…

Ha ha ha.

Weekly Post 2: About myself Part 2


Here comes the part 2 about myself. Yeah.

A continuation to my madness to Japaneses stuffs~

Anime is the best creation *other than food*, it almost never fail to surprise and satisfy my crave for a good anime.

To me, a good anime = 1) Interesting story line

                                                              2) Nice art/drawing/character

                                                 3) Catchy/ nice theme songs

                                                                                                                                 4) Professionalism of the voice actors/ actress (wow professionalism siol~)

These are the things I will focus on when I watch an anime~

I mean, Japanese are really a bunch of creative peeps, they always think out of the box to keep this industry vibrant for the past few decades.

Same goes to the mangas. Though I don’t read as much mangas as I watch anime, *because I lazy to read -.-“* most of my friends love mangas. They usually complete reading 2 to 3 series in 1 or 2 days *average* ( seriously, they no need to study one iz it?!) But I think most of them are genius…. because despite spending most of their time to read mangas, they are still able to score higher than me T^T. or is it that I’m stupid? *NOOOOOOOO~ TT^TT*

Anyways, I just really love Japan and all of its things.

That’s all *^*

bye~…. 😀

Weekly blog post 1: About myself ;) part 1


I have no idea what I should write for my first blog post, so I thought  a little self-intro will be good:)

Although I’m an ordinary person, I’m not that ordinary also. Everyone is special in their own way right?

In the previous class, Leslie talk about how people usually start a blog or conversation…. by talking crap or bunch of bullsh*t >x<. I understand, because I’m in the midst of that 8DD

Anyways, back to the topic 🙂

I’m a typical girl who likes to gossip and obsess about food, hot guys and holidays. One thing that I’m slightly different is that I’m OVERLY OBSESS WITH JAPANESE CULTURE/FOOD/PEOPLE/FASHION.

I know. I don’t look like one. BUT I”M 8DDDD

To be honest, I was even more obsess last time as compared to now. I’m blessed that I can control myself now… because people nowadays judges.. 😦

Last time( about  4/5 years ago), I usually stay up all night to watch a Japanese drama or anime series. And I ended up have no time to sleep and I constantly dozed off in class 😦 I know I was a bad kid…

BUT!~ I also gain the skill of watching Japanese TV shows/drama/anime without subtitles XDDDDD

Is true. I’m not lying ;))

Well, not like I’m a genius or something…

I practice a lot. Only recent 1 or 2 years, I find myself finally able talk to a Japanese comfortably without any hesitation or frighten-ness 8D.

Definitely, practice make perfect! 😀 #lifelesson

Exercise 1B: Openers

1. With fear on her face, Jane trembles with cold sweat while dragging her feet into the girls’ toilet….

2. Without any hesitation, Tom flash out a gun from his pocket, shout fiercely ” Dont’t move!”….

3. Feeling exhaust and extremely hungry in the stormy snow, James is relief when he finds a lit chalet half way up the mountain…

4. Walk on their tip toe, the friends of four sneak their way into the abandon hospital when a scream break the silence….

5. She take a deep breathe, Mary open the envelop nervously and excitedly…

6. Hold her fist so tight as if the finger nails have carve into her palms, Tiffany quiver in anger…

7. Grab on a piece of wooden plank, Mark float up and down above the dark cold sea…

8. Seat and tie on the chair in a room filled with darkness, George is in extreme fear because he cannot see nor hear anything…

9. Hold her mobile phone so tight that it might be crush anytime, Linda cry her lungs out…

10. At the height of 3000 m above the ground, equip with all necessary equipment, John take a deep breathe while put on the helmet and goggles…

11. Bang the door and twist the door knob victoriously, Amy is trap in an empty room with nothing but only a dim light hanging from the ceiling…

12. Holding nothing but a very dim torch light, Jerry nervously walk in the dense undergrowth of a forest…

Exercise 1A: Openers

Wearing nothing but a grass skirt , Ren Hao walks towards the restaurant, he pushes open the glass door and do a incredibly fabulous pose. He seat down in the middle of the restaurant, he orders a cup of coca cola from the waiter who give him a disgust look and digs out a few mentos from his shoes. He drop the mentos into the cup, then immediately pours the exploded cup of coca cola over his entire body, as if he is taking a shower. He stands up and dash out of the door, ignoring the angry waiter shouting “Come back . From the restaurant, Ren Hao run all the way to the Orchard MRT station and hug everyone he see. The public is in the panic state. Everyone is screaming and shouting like is end of the world. Ren Hao is enjoying himself and laughing out loud crazily while wriggling his entire body. Passers-by call the FBI and Ren Hao is arrest as his action is seen as a terrorist attack.